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Project Management

Project Management

As a general contractor, Doug Ryder feels that it is necessary to be present at the initial client/architect meetings. It is important for the architect and general contractor to create a good relationship. Team meetings early on in the design process will eliminate costly design changes and project hold-ups. In past projects, his knowledge and experience in electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineering has helped with:

  1. Mechanical room location and square footage requirements;
  2. Planning of routes for duct and pipe work;
  3. Electrical distribution panels.

This all helps with space planning and are essential requirements to obtain an accurate bid. After insuring good construction quality control, the control of the budget is priority throughout the entire project. Doug spends time explaining to the client each stage and cost of the construction phases. This helps with giving the client enough time to chose the finishes for the project.


The types of contracts we work with include:

  1. Fixed Bid;
  2. Cost Plus;
  3. Custom Contracts.

All contracts are AIA compliant