Essex Developments, LLC


"Doug Ryder is at the pinnacle of quality builders in the Denver metro area. I never hesitate to recommend Doug and Essex Developments to my clients. Doug cares deeply about both the quality of the workmanship and the long term maintenance costs of the home. He is always looking out for the homeowners best interests, and manages the schedule, the budget, and all of the subcontractors to get the best end possible end product. As an architect, I appreciate the way that Doug 'keeps me in the loop'. He knows when to ask for my involvement on a design issue, and solves problems in the field without compromising the design intent. It is always a pleasure to work together."
   Anne Olson, A.I.A. - Olson Architecture, Inc.

"Doug Ryder takes personal pride in the projects he takes on and really cares about the end product. I truly enjoyed working with him!"
   Renee Berberian

I never thought that I would build a house... much less 2. I couldn't say enough about the quality, workmanship and most of all the integrity of Doug Ryder. Doug has such a way with working with people. Over the past 3 years I never met a sub contractor that didn't like working with him... which says a lot. I would do it a 3rd time!
   Barbie Halseth